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Chinese inspectors in Richmond

All Happy Home Inspections have some of the Chinese inspectors in Richmond to understand your needs of a Chinese household. We perform all our procedures as per the guidelines of the Home Inspectors Association British Columbia (HIABC). Moreover, our final report after inspection also abides by the HIABC rules. We ensure to reach high customer satisfaction rates through all our services. 

If you are looking for a reliable home inspection company in Richmond, All Happy Home Inspections is your go-to brand. Our Chinese inspectors are some of the most trusted professional inspectors in Canada that detect any issues in your house structure soon before they become a problem for the residents. 

Defects in your home's structure, interior, temperature, or plumbing systems can impose serious health hazards on you and your family. Broken walls, compromised drainage, and unprotected electrical supply are a few common problems faced by people these days. Subpar house materials can make your house look old and messed up. In fact, the substandard and damaged features make it more of a risk for the inhabitants.

At All Happy Home Inspections, we believe that anything less than the best means worst. Therefore, our services are always over-the-top and high quality compared to the other home inspection firms in Canada. Our Chinese inspectors are well-trained and experienced in home inspection, quality control, and examination services. They never settle for anything less than the best, so your family can live in a carefree environment, far from disasters and mishaps. 

Our services cover all the main problems your home may face, from roof flashing defects, wall cracks, and blocked drains to gastight damages and unprotected electrical openings. After last, we provide a computerized report with house hazards, compromised features, and recommendations for possible solutions. 

Why Choose Us?

Being exceptionally trained and certified makes our experts the Chinese inspectors in Richmond. Along with plenty of home services, we provide the following benefits: 

  • A thorough inspection of every corner 

  • Get a computerized report of defects, suggestions, and limitations 

  • Same-day report of the results  

  • Interior and exterior investigation

  • Detecting heating, cooling, and insulation issues

  • Affordable services

  • Approved by HIABC


All Happy Home Inspections thoroughly inspect your home's exterior and interior. Undergoing a complete home inspection can save you and your family from several accidents and future house defects. We have some of the Chinese inspectors in Richmond that you can hire to examine your Chinese household.

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